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Former Continental execs develop new airport retail app

icon-finderA new Houston company co-founded by three former Continental Airlines executives wants to make it easier for you to navigate the airport during a layover.

Cursus Technologies Inc., the developers of smartphone app Grab, was created after Continental’s former senior vice president of marketing, Mark Bergsrud, who is now CEO of Cursus, wanted to create an app that made it easier for the traveler to navigate an unfamiliar airport.

“Quite often, even if I’ve been to an (airport), I don’t have the concessions memorized,” Bergsrud said. “When I’m pressed for time and lacking information, I don’t have as good an experience as I could. I don’t eat what I prefer or I might not eat at all, and I don’t shop.”

Grab has multiple components. The first is an interactive, searchable map that has information and menus for terminal restaurants, retail shops and services nearby. The map can be filtered by terminal or preference. The next component is an order ahead feature for participating restaurants. Order on your smartphone, receive a notification when it’s ready, walk up to the Grab-branded area of a restaurant’s counter and you’re done.

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