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Grab is 1 of 5 Early-Stage Startups to Watch in 2016

skiftEvery day Skift tracks new startup launches listed on Angellist and we see the onslaught of trip-planning and accommodations booking companies, many of which will likely fizzle out within a year or so when the money runs out.

Hundreds of travel startups launched in 2015 and we combed through our Angejlist coverage to highlight five that launched within the past year. I believe these companies have a shot at helping to define the future of travel; I considered the backgrounds of founders, investors involved, and overall themes that the startups fit into that have already shown momentum.

>>Grab ($1 million total funding to date) offers travelers VIP access to airport stores, restaurants and lounges. It uses beacons to offer relevant deals and content based on personal preferences and how travelers move through an airport. There are still so many missed monetizing opportunities at airports, which basically have captive audiences with money to spend. With some guidance, that money can be spent more readily and wisely. Grab has also inked a deal with American Airlines to offer its content through the carrier’s app.

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