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Grab, The Airport Food-Ordering App, Makes Air Travel A Little Less Stressful

techtimesheader-600x288When you’re trying to catch a plane, it can be difficult to grab a bite to eat along the way. To simplify the process, the Grab app has been developed for iOS and Android. With the app, users can pre-order food at airport restaurants, and now, it’s officially launched in Detroit.

As of May 11, Grab is now available at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. With the free app, travelers can pre-order food for their trip at restaurants like Hockeytown Cafe and the Coffee Beanery.

“Grab aims to eliminate some of the stressors associated with air travel today,” said Mark Bergsrud, CEO of Grab. “Passengers no longer have to wait in lines for food, or run blindly through unfamiliar terminals for fear of missing a flight.”

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